Irish Moss/Sea Moss

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Benefits of SeaMoss bka Irish Moss aka th gold of the ocean
Many people know of Sea Moss by way of Dr. Sebi and we definetly give Thankhs to our Elder for his knowledge and wisedome. He has helped many in educating people on eating healthy, the benefits of different parts of nature, and how to use different herbs, as well as recognizingng the parts of the body certain herbs, bark, etc may be used for.
Many messengers before Dr. Sebi and during his lifetime have came and went...Dr. Blair and Dr. Llaila Afrika, Dr. Jewel Pookum, Bobby Hemit and other honorable mentions.
Sea Moss from experiemce is moisturing and dissolves easily into th skin. When Seamoss is prepared correctly et is tasteless and has a slight smell of th ocean. Softens the hair and make your skin supple wth our Irish Moss!
  • Sea Moss contains 92 out of the body's 102 minerals!
  • Can help to remove Mucus from the Body
  • Great for Sexual Health - a Natural Aphrodisiac - Rich in Zinc, Vitamin E & Folate for Sperm Production
  • Good for Thyroid Health - Balancing Hormones
  • Helps with Skin conditions - High in Sulphur so great for face masks
  • Good for Digestion
  • Joint & Bone Health - High in Omega-3, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin-K
  • Good for the Blood/Anemia- High in Iron 
  • Can help with Colds & Coughs - Vitamin C
  • Powerful Anti-Inflammatory 
  • Mood/Mental Health Booster - Due to Potassium content which helps to maintain healthy Mental & Emotional Function
  • Weight Loss - due to Sea Moss ability to absorb moisture to create a feeling of fullness
  • High in Iodine - which is said to help prevent radiation poisoning

How Can I Use Sea Moss?

  • Drink Sea Moss gel daily, mix with water OR

  • Use 1-2 tbsp of Sea Moss gel in your favourite smoothie to give it a delicious creamy consistency
  • Face Mask - Natures Collagen - Apply the gel directly to the face as a natural face mask - wash off after approx 30 minutes
  • Sea Moss gel can also be used as a Vegan Gelatin replacement
  • Use in Soups, Stews, Curries etc

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What Does Sea Moss Taste Like?

Providing it has been prepared correctly and has been washed and rinsed prior to blending in to a gel, the Sea Moss is pretty much tasteless and shouldn't change the taste of any smoothie or food dish it is added to.



1. Soak in water for 12 - 24 hours.
2. Ensure you rinse thoroughly to wash off any excess salt.
3. Add to a high speed blender adding between 600-700ml of spring or distilled water (you can also use coconut water).
4. Blend until the Sea Moss is a smooth gel like consistency.
5. Pour the gel into a sealable glass jar and store in the fridge until use.
6. Add 1 - 2 tbsp to your favourite smoothie to give it a delicious creamy consistency.
7. Why not try applying our Sea Moss gel directly to the face as a natural face mask, just leave for 30 mins at rinse thoroughly.


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