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Shalom! and 13LOVE


         Coming Suun to AlMahs13   Artisan style Vegetable Soups and Seasoned Sundried Tomatoes which includes our  Al Moroccan Spice, and  Curry Sundried Tomatoes. We have been busy getting our recipes and deliciousness just right. 

Our Artisan  soups will be hearty and flavorful! Each Order comes with packaged Seasoning Our Signature AlMahs Original Spice Blend which goes well wth celery, peppers, and grains, just add boiling waater!

If you have never tried Sundried Tomatoes you might want to add that to your todo list and order some of our  Sundried Ripe on Th Vine tomatos seasoned wth Spicy Curry or a  Basil Oregano and Thyme blend. Our Tomatos are Sundried literally first and oven roasted at the  lowest temperature to ensure they are juicy plump and full of flavor  and still full of Nutrients!




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