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Almahs13 Moss Gel (Irish/Sea Moss)

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Almahs13 Moss Gel (Irish/Sea Moss)
Almahs13 Moss Gel (Irish/Sea Moss)

This homemade Irish/Sea moss GEL is sourced from Caribbean Islands/St Lucia and Jamaica. Almahs13  Moss GEL can be used in a variety of ways! Hair, Skin, Smoothies, add to your water, or add to your tea! Once received this GEL will last up to 2-3 weeks refrigerated or can be frozen. Sea Moss is a type of algae which has over 92 minerals and the body requires at least 102. This type of algae is a great moisturizer, great for  hydration and  fully beneficial for the body inside and out!

Infused Sea Moss gel is infused with pure essential oils that can be ingested...Imagine the benefits of lemon Seamoss honey waater!!! Or perhaps the calming effects of  Chamomile along with health benefits of Seamoss for little ones!  Fights colds fevers, and other ailments of the body.

Preparation: To make Almahs13 Moss Gel we clean the raw moss by washing in a copper bowl filled with Spring water, once all of the dirt, sand, and debris are removed we Soak the Sea Moss in a bowl of spring water overnight or for at least 6 to 8 hours. (The water from soaking overnight contains mineral and can be used for body and hair. watering plants, or simply drink) After the sea Moss is soaked then the moss is cut into smaller piece and placed in a blender till smooth, we never boil as this may cook out some of the minerals and vitamins, this will make a gel like substance ...for tutorials on making your own gel youtube at your own leisure!

if you prefer the powder version of seamoss to make your own Gel or to take in capsule form please visit our TLC support page where you may be directed to 13krystalign,bigcartel.com 13LOVE

*We encourage that everyone Research benefits and other health risk*


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